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How to fix hard drive problems on Windows 10

You can quickly figure out the events on your computer after shutting down or restarting using the Windows Event Viewer. You can also access some of the events using the Command Prompt, as we will show you below. Are you wondering what happens when your computer shuts down and after it restarts? Many things happen within that period, and thankfully, Windows helps track the entire process and keeps a record in the system log. More Information provides a hyperlink that will let you populate the log message data into an online help request.

It is used to scan all disk drives in the system whose format is based on the Windows NTFS owner. The result of this command gives us both the list of NTFS disks and their status and if they need any repair using CHKDSK. This is happens because Windows incorrectly “thinks” that the drive is having problems and needs to be scanned. For example, if you have mistakenly deleted a file, the sector of the file will be marked as available and free. In fact, it is not rare to meet Windows 7 not booting problem and this issue can be caused by many factors like damaged system partition, corrupted system files and so on.

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Serial ATA cables, in particular, can sometimes fall out of their connection. … The easiest way to test a cable is to replace it with another cable. If the problem persists, then the cable was not the cause of the problem.

  • However, the error may also appear if the system BIOS/Firmware is either misconfigured or damaged.
  • If you don’t have an available USB port, reconfigure your computer connections so you can connect it directly.
  • The easiest way to boot into safe mode is via the Windows Configuration.

It says it needs an hour to complete repairing, but chances are that it lasts more than one hour, and worse, did not complete. System drives can also become corrupted for non-mechanical reasons. In both cases, Windows includes tools that will scan your disk for errors and attempt to fix them. Depending on your computer and hard drive, you may even be able to use a manufacturer’s diagnostic tool or a tool built-in to your BIOS. We’ll show you how to use all three in this tutorial.

What is another way to restart a Windows 10 computer in Windows RE?

MiniTool ShadowMaker helps to back up system and files before the disaster occurs. The result driversol.com of all three tests can easily be saved as HTML and TXT file formats. You can also check out lists of best freeHard Drive Speed Test,Hard Drive Repair, andHard Disk Encryptionsoftware for Windows. Click on Tools and go to Optimize and defragment the drive section. Displays, quickly press the down arrow on the PXB’s front panel or keyboard to select the Agilent Recovery System.

Occasionally, files on the problematic disk may be slightly easier to recover prior to running CHKDSK. One approach to protecting yourself is to back up the disk prior to running CHKDSK, if you can. CHKDSK /F scans for and attempts to repair errors in the file system overhead information stored on a disk.

With the basic options out of the way, we can continue to more advanced ones. In this post, you’ll learn some basic—and then more advanced—techniques you can use to filter your events and make them more manageable. You can double click on an error to check its properties, and look up the event ID of the error online. This can help you discover more information on the error so you can fix it if you need to. In addition, there are the Application and Service logs, which show hardware and Internet Explorer activities, alongside Microsoft Office apps activities. Generally, there are two methods to check the events related to shutdown or restart on your computer.