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Becoming a Professor at 37th, This is I Wayan Widiana’s Profile

Becoming a Professor at 37th, This is I Wayan Widiana’s Profile

Prof. Dr. I Wayan Widiana, S.Pd., M.Pd., pays attention to Undiksha’s professor inauguration ceremony on January 18 and 19, 2022. This academician from Karangasem became a professor at 37th and is the youngest. Then what is his profile like?

I Wayan Widiana was born in Banjar Tunas Sari, Tianyar Village, Kubu Sub-District, Karangasem Regency, on July 5, 1985, from his parents, I Ketut Merta and Ni Ketut Ngara. He is the first of two children. Her younger sister is Ni Komang Widiani. She also has three half-sisters, Ni Luh Mertariani, I Made Suprawan, and I Nyoman Suweca.

Widiana completed her undergraduate studies at Undiksha Physics Education Study Program. During his study, he spent much time participating in and outside campus organizational activities. She was a member of PMI, the Student Department Association of Physics Education board, FMIPA Senate, KMHD Yowana Brahma Widya board, KMHDI Buleleng, and KMHDI Bali. After graduation in 2007, because of his strong desire to gain teaching experience in urban areas, he served as a teacher at Dwijendra Junior and Senior High School in Denpasar and SMA N 3 Denpasar.

To answer his high curiosity, the man who now serves as Vice Dean II of Undiksha’s Faculty of Education finally decided to continue his studies to the Masters’s level in 2008 by choosing the Master program in Educational Research and Evaluation Study Program.

After completing his studies at the end of 2010, he tried his luck applying for lecturers at Undiksha and was accepted at the Primary School Teacher Education Study Program. This achievement encouraged him to continue his doctoral studies at the State University of Jakarta in 2012-2016 in the Educational Research and Evaluation Study Program.

Amid his education, Widiana married Luh Ratna Rosalina. She was born in Madenan Village, Buleleng Regency, on June 16, 1987, to I Gede Jatia and Ni Luh Kawiastri. From this marriage, she has four children, namely Ni Luh Arynka Rawidya Lawrasati (8 years old), I Made Abyranka Nohan Ugrasena (6 years old), Ni Komang Pryanka Tambira Pramesti (4 years old), and I Ketut Juwonka Angga Wicaksana (1-month-old).

During her time as a lecturer at Undiksha, Widiana was trusted as the Rector’s Expert Staff, Chairperson of the Journal and Publication Center, Chairperson of Simkatmawa, Chairperson of the Undiksha PKM Team, Secretary of PPG Undiksha, Chairperson of the Professor and Head Lecturer Acceleration Team, and Vice Dean 2 of the Faculty of Education. Various breakthroughs have been made as a form of commitment and productivity at work, including delivering Undiksha to 120 ISSN Journals with 97 Sinta indexed Journals and 19 Sinta 2 indexed Journals (until the end of 2022); increasing Undiksha’s Simkatmawa ranking in 2021 to be ranked 13th nationally, and ranked 3rd in BLU; delivering 22 Professors and 21 Chief Rectors in 2022; and helped deliver the Faculty of Education to be ranked first twice in clustering between Faculties in Undiksha Environment.  In addition, he has also served as a PKKM reviewer, Simkatmawa reviewer, Mathcing Fund (Kedaireka) reviewer, LAMDik assessor, journal accreditation reviewer, PPG assessor, HDPGSDI board, PPPGSDI board, RJI board, and national and international journal editors.

Source: Curriculum vitae that was read during the professor inauguration.