Sabtu, 01 April 2023
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UNIDA Gontor and IIC London Discuss Collaboration Opportunities for Future Partnership

UNIDA Gontor and IIC London Discuss Collaboration Opportunities for Future Partnership

LONDON – On Friday, 10 March 2023, a delegation from the University of Darussalam Gontor (UNIDA Gontor) visited the Indonesian Islamic Center (IIC) London to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. The delegation was comprised of Rector of UNIDA Gontor, Prof Dr KH Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, Dr Khoirul Umam (Vice Rector for research and networking), and Dr KH Hadiyanto Arief (President of Darunnajah University) and lecturers of UNIDA Gontor pursuing PhD in the UK: Eko Nur Cahyo, Royyan Ramdhani Djayusman, and Muchammad Taufiq Affandi.

The UNIDA Gontor delegation was welcomed by a group of IIC London officials including Mr Djamal Djamalulail (General Secretary), Mr Berry Natalegawa (Vice Chairman), Mr KH Hamim Syaaf (Advisory board member), Mr Eko Kurniawan (Head of Masjid Development Committee), Mrs Elvi Ibrahim (Trustee), Mrs Sutjiningsih (Trustee), Mrs Yuni Hansudi (Secretary), Mr Ruly Achdiat (Property Team), Mr Yorga Permana (Fundraiser Team), Mr Dwi Prayitno (Property Team), Mrs Aida Purwanto (Fundraiser Team), and Mr Adi Purwanto (Husband of Mrs Aida)

During the meeting, the two parties discussed potential collaboration opportunities. One of the key agreements made was for UNIDA Gontor to appoint an Ustadz to be an imam to lead prayers and manage activities at IIC London. Additionally, IIC London expressed interest in sending some of its cadres to study at UNIDA Gontor.

The UNIDA Gontor delegation also had the opportunity to see the development of the Masjid, which is planned to start operation this Ramadan inshaAllah.

Overall, the meeting was a success and both parties expressed excitement about the potential collaboration opportunities. (Eko Nur Cahyo, Royyan Ramdhani Djayusman, Muchammad Taufiq Affandi)