Selasa, 30 Mei 2023
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Undip Rector: Halal Bi Halal Builds Harmonious Relations and Increases Performance

Undip Rector: Halal Bi Halal Builds Harmonious Relations and Increases Performance

Diponegoro University held a Halal bi Halal event on Thursday (4/5/2023) at the Prof. Soedarto, S.H. Building with a theme “Strengthen Silaturahmi to Increase Performance and Harmony”.

The event began with the recitation of the holy verses of the Qur’an, namely QS. Ali-Imran verses 133-135 by Sayyidal Akhirin, S.Si. In his remarks, Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., conveyed his congratulations on Eid al-Fitr and Kartini Day to the invited guests. He also reminded us to be grateful for the achievements that Undip has achieved.

“With all the advantages and disadvantages of hundreds of tertiary institutions, Undip has managed to get the sixth national ranking. Then Undip harmonizes achievements and welfare,” he said.

Furthermore Prof. Yos expressed his gratitude for the many lecturers who have become professors, besides that he hopes that all contract employees can become permanent employees.

While in the tausiyah delivered by Al Habib Umar Muthohar (Administrator of the Al Madinah Cepoko Islamic Boarding School, Gunungpati) said that halal bi halal is used to forgive all mistakes, whether intentional or unintentional. He also reminded the importance of forgiving one another.

“In the daily work environment, sometimes there are misunderstandings or incompatibilities or other things. So, the right thing to do is to apologize for mistakes that are intentional or unintentional and we should justify other people’s mistakes. Furthermore, after this, develop a teamwork model that is successful in facing any tough job. This is the importance of halal bi halal, namely forgiving each other and justifying mistakes so that our deeds of worship are accepted by Allah SWT,” said Habib.

The event was also enlivened by a joint prayer by the future Undip Rector candidates for the 2024-2029 period guided by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Heru Susanto, S.T., M.M., M.T. as Vice Rector II and Prof. Dr. Jamari, S.T., M.T. as Chairman of LPPM. (LW-Ulfa / Public Relations)