Rabu, 07 Juni 2023
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The UNNES Senopati Ship team wins big at the Marine Innovation Festival Indonesia. 

The UNNES Senopati Ship team wins big at the Marine Innovation Festival Indonesia. 

The Senopati Team from the University of Semarang (UNNES) has successfully won the championship at the Marine Innovation Festival Indonesia (MARINESIA) 2023 competition. The competition, themed “Supporting Maritime Sector Synergy for Indonesia Emas 2045,” was organized by the Department of Naval Architecture at Hasanuddin University in Makassar. The team from UNNES won first place and third place in the Appropriate Technology Creation Innovation (Lontara) category, as well as second place in the Design Innovation category. Moreover, the Senopati Team from UNNES was also awarded the Favorite Team award. 

The head of the Senopati Team, Rafif Dimas Pratama, said that the innovation they highlighted in this year’s fishery boat design was the Purse Seine Ship Innovation Based on a Refrigerant System on the Deck and an Adjustable Lighting System using Photovoltaic Methods to Achieve Solutive Marine Fisheries. The system involves cooling the fish hold with refrigerated seawater, which is equipped with an isolated vacuum space to keep the temperature in the hold stable, ensuring that the quality of the fish is maintained from the capture process to the consumer’s hands. 

The Refrigerated Sea Water Palka system uses desalinated seawater to ensure that the cooling water does not affect the taste of the fish, and it uses electricity to control the temperature. The vacuum space on the deck is designed to prevent heat loss, said Rafif Dimas. 

The Senopati Team’s supervisor, Dr. Eng Aldias Bahatmaka, stated that the team had been preparing for the competition for around 2-3 months, starting with the material, design, and training for the competition on Lake UNNES. 

“Alhamdulillah, the Senopati Team from UNNES successfully won the championship. This is an extraordinary achievement,” he concluded. 

The team is composed of Muhammad Yusuf Wibowo, Muhammad Nur Faizin, Tegar Oki Prasdika, Hanan Yazid Fadlu Rokhman, Yazid Surya Wicaksana, Rafif Dimas Pratama, Fiqri Fadhillah Fahmi, Muhammad Hafiz Izuddin, Lanang Puspa Buana, Muhammad Harits, and Indra Nurul Hidayat.