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Darunnajah University Visit, Improving Teamwork with Darussalam Gontor University

Ponorogo – Darussalam Gontor University receiving visitation from Darunnajah University at wednesday (20/7) Morning. Visitation to pay one’s respect done by Rank of Darunnajah University Rectorate alongside Chief of Department, Secretary, and Rank of Dean. They are received warmly by ‘The Fountain of Wisdom’ which is situated at Siman, Ponorogo Session begin with welcoming speech […]

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Uninstalling the ZebraDesigner Driver

Right-click Windows Start menu and choose Run. Windows operating system has corrupt system or registry files. The graphic card in your computer is very old or defective. Built-in macOS software to natively install Microsoft Windows on a Mac. Some users even have a more severe problem and see it uninstalls itself after every reboot. Boot…